Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all have a marvelous Thanksgiving. We are heading up to Dad's at the lake, where I'll be making turkey, Mum's stuffing and mashed taters for a small horde. The horde will be bringing salads and pie. Should be nice and relaxing. We picked up some sheets of MDF so Dad and I can make some end tables while we are up there. Yes - we will soon be adults with our own bedside tables. I still use the old wooden stacking shelf-thing I inherited from Grapecat in my dormitory eons ago. J will no longer need to use metal stacking cubes. Oh yes...we're moving up! A little paint when we get back and viola!
...the accordion?
So glad the 50s are over....

Tonight we're heading out to see Iron Sky. Hee hee...nazi spaceships from the dark side of the moon invading earth ...I can't wait. So cheesy!!

The fall chill has come and the leaves have turned and are falling. Everything is orange and red and the air is crisp. I'm digging out the sweaters and wooly socks and am keeping warm with some amazing fingerless gloves that were made and sent by the ever lovely Grapecat. Warm and wooly and totally unique.

Hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! :)


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