My god that's a lot of penis

My friend Shane, in wishing my friend Cheyenne happy birthday, has made me spit coffee out of my nose on public transit reading Facebook this morning,  giggling uncontrollably like a nutter. People actually looked over and tutted at me with disdain. (Troglodytes. All of them.) On 1.5 hours of sleep after insomnia last night this post put me over the edge. I'm still giggling randomly about it an hour later...

"Consider the internet scoured for the best birthday humour that doesn't include penis cakes. Do you realize how many birthday penis cakes get given out yearly? my god that's a lot of penis.

Completely unrelated to said penis cakes, I couldn't choose one of these to be more funny than the other so here's two ecards

also...on your wall says 'my god that's a lot of penis'...twice."

The world is full of crazy and wonderful people. Some of them I am lucky enough to call my friends...:)


the Bag Lady said…
Hahahahahaha... gasp... you have hilarious friends.

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