Good lord my yard is a jungle. I pulled 2 full bags of weeds from it yesterday and you'd never know it. The back yard (which no one sees of course) is relatively well tended and weed-whacked, but the front is a maze of vines and weeds and tree shoots. Trees are trimmed back and pruned and vines have been coaxed away from the front steps to keep them safe. So much rain and hot weather this year has made the vines grow in huge and lush...along with zillions of weeds.
I cannot wait to change it. I enjoy yard work to a point, if there's eventual flowers or edible food involved (or weedwhacking just cuz it's fun), but weeding is like making the bed. It pains me to do it more than an hour a week because you just know you'll be doing it again right away, so why bother really? When there are weeds everywhere you look it seems pointless to even start, but necessary in the end to keep the house looking non-abandonded. The nieghbor across the street is trying to sell his house so I'm making more of an effort. Thankfully it was a nice warm day with beer to pass the time.
Because the walls made of railway ties are starting to rot they need to be rebuilt. When that is done the vines and weeds will be discarded for low growing junipers and rock. No more weeds...


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