and she's buying a stairway to....

There's beautiful. Then there's safe. I for one, despite my weeding rants, love my front yard right now...the virginia creeper is all lush and green with a hint of red from the sun, and the aged railway ties make it seem cozy and cottage like.

Pity they are the stairs of DOOOOM!

The wood and walls are rotting and heaving, so sadly, I must look into how to fix it all, and what our different options are. I know absolutely nothing about all this adult sort of business - walls and yards are not my thing. Yes I spent a summer landscaping, but I just pruned and sawed and mowed. Building walls and stairs is waaaaaay out of my league. Dad won't even think about looking at it either. If we fix this, I want to do this once and never need to we need to do it properly. And by we I mean not we :)
I don't even want to think about what it will cost. That's for another


Pacian said…
You should sell them to a haunted house.
the Bag Lady said…
You'll never learn younger.
Go ahead and give it a try - you can do it!

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