Skeezer Commando

J has gotten sick. Boo.
I am considering wearing a bubble suit to try and not catch time to get sick right now.
We shall see...It's a coin toss really...I can try and use my biotraining at home, but I have no idea if it'll keep me form catching it. Here's hoping I avoid it at least until I'm through my cursed papers...

It's odd - to make sure I'm getting all my protein and nutrients as I work out and slave away at school I have been drinking protein shakes after I work out. As a reward for being a good little slave I splurged and bought some delicious higher quality protein shake stuff on the weekend. The cheap stuff was OK. This stuff comes in many flavours - I got cookies and cream flavour. MAN it's SO reward for working out. Yum.
It's the little things :)


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