Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Favourites: Pingu and pancakes

For your Friday enjoyment....2 of my favourite things: pancakes and Pingu.

I will be the lab queen this weekend...but hopefully squeeze in a few pancakes too. My project is going OK, and I feel as though I just might keep it together long enough to make it through to June :)
AND, my bike is all tuned up and as soon as the rain stops (pretty please?) I can start riding to work. YAY.

Have a great weekend!


Pacian said...

Not to be both predictable and base, but it's still Pingu peeing on the floor that tops the list for me.

Clare Actman said...

I am also a pingu fan. It inspired me to build my own igloo in lapland. And does anyone else love the way pingu eats?

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Corey said...

Love pancakes. Love Pingu.

Geosomin said...

Hey you still have that DVD with all the pengus on it??