Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Mum & Dad...

I've been going through old photos, some of which I happened to take back from home when I was out there a few weeks ago. Dad would like a small slide show from some of the photos we have of Mum.
It's amazing to think of all Mum did, even before I came along. I mean, she had me when she was 40. I'm not even 40 yet and I feel like I've lived a whole life...and then came me and even more. It's strange to think of them doing and seeing so many young. And so happy. Seeing pics of Mum and Dad years ago is fascinating - She had a pink coat to match our once pink car! My dad was once a hot young thing...
One most excellent gift from my Mum to us all was that she took and kept so many photos... Kept cards, art projects, gifts and crafts. I found a detailed article describing their wedding ceremony in 1960 in so many little details...the pieces of music played ("Oh Perfect Love" and "A Wedding Prayer" - played by Mrs. A.L. Tebbut!), mum wore a "floor length gown of tiered nylon net and lace over satin featuring a fitted bodice with straight cut neckline embroidered with iridescent sequins". She carried red roses... the fact that mum's mum's dress was light blue with yellow flowers, and dad's mum's was dusty rose... and they received a telegram from John Diefenbaker congratulating them!

She left on her honeymoon wearing a brown knitted suit with orange and brown many little details that make a day...a sunny snowy day in March.


the Bag Lady said...

How great that she kept all that stuff!
Love the photos of the two of them.

diddums said...

Wonderful. :-) Hold onto those memories. I wish our family took more pictures than they did, but they (we) were generally shy of taking photos of each other... concentrated a bit more on places. I think the original photos of us as kids were for the benefit of grandparents.