Weekend pics-testing out the new ubercam

Now that I'm home and fed and watered (OK beered) I've been toying with the new camera to get the pictures off of it. Way more fun than cold meds and bed. Since I managed to figure out how to do that, I thought I'd give a little blurb about our weekend, complete with (ooh aah!) pictures.
This weekend J and I went up to Little Bear to visit my parents and relax. We had a great visit and despite the rain and thunder saturday morning it cleared up nicely for some hiking inthe afternoon and a canoe ride saturday evening after supper . I love to canoe and J and I went out for a few hours and went up and down the lake a bit on a lake nearly as calm as glass. It was beautiful. AND when we got back we had the last of the peach pie I made up after holidays in BC. Yum.

The next day the sky was clear and we got to go out fishing with my Dad and an old family friend for the afternoon. We went to Heart Lake where the fishing is good. To get there it's a 20 minute boat ride down to the end of the lake (the boat got up to 35 km/hr...windy!).

Once you get to the end of the lake it's a 5 minute portage with gear to get to Heart Lake. My dad keeps an old punter boat chained up there so we just need to bring the rest of the gear for a great day of fishing.

We caught our limit and had a bit of fun testing out the new camera. We tried to take a human VS fish eye view of our boat ride out into the bay to fish...it wierded me out to see J put the camera in the water, but they didn't lie to us...it really is waterproof!

And yes...girls DO know how to fish.
I am proudly holding one of the fish that I caught and brought in (without a net *ahem*) . It was a great day out in the sunshine in the boat relaxing and catching up.

Then we got back in time for a bit of a swim in the COLD lake before a quick supper with family. Then we had to head back home. It was a great time. I'm happy to say our new little camera is really cool. It takes great pictures and unlike the old camera, the anti-shake makes the ones I take actually in focus! The whole underwater things is rather fun too...I'm looking forward to playing with it some more :)
Hope you all had a great weekend.


the Bag Lady said…
That looks like a fabulous weekend! Good for you for catching that fish (I have only fished once and all I caught was a sunburn!)
Great pictures - your new camera must be terrific fun!
Anonymous said…
I caught a fish once... wasn't anything like that size. :-)

Camera in water... ooh! 'Fish' and 'bicycle' come to mind...

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