So it's gonna be like *that* is it?

So far today (and it's not even 8:30) I have already:

-put salt in my coffee
-nearly fallen down the stairs (thanks cat)
-tried to wash my hair with conditioner
-run over a cute little mouse on my bike accidentally on my way to work (absolutely awful)
-spilt coffee all over myself here at work while trying to think so I can look like mrs stainy pants all day
-sneezed all over my monitor (I have a bad cold at the mo)

and perhaps the most annoying: I had to go in to work 2 h early to do a bunch of calculations for an experiment I'm starting today, which I have already done, BUT need to redo as I left my notes up at the lake where I had a blissful weekend, and they're no good to me there...*sigh*
I want a do-over...


Anonymous said…
It IS like that, it seems, and your bad luck is rubbing off on me! I started to type my reply in the comment box, and it went 'blip' and disappeared.

What I meant to say...

Never mind Mondays; it's August. I hate August.
Geosomin said…
The whole rest of the month is gonna be like this?
Oh dear :)

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