Back at the renos

I've begun priming the trim on the house...FINALLY.

I scraped some of it and filled major cracks in some of the window sills about 2 weeks ago, but seeing as it hasn't stopped raining here for more than a few hours until monday I haven't been able to do any painting until now. I'm planning on doing it all hard core on the long weekend (rain rain go away) but I'm trying to sneak in as much prep and priming as I can here and there before then so I can just paint like a nutter when it gets to that point and do it all in a few days. It's odd repainting something...all that work for it to look the same! Well, OK it needs painting badly so it will look way better, but I like the colors there already, so why change a good thing? :)

I have the tinted primer and the Grey Fox grey paint but I still need a can of black spray paint for the mail box and a small tin of red for the door and a bit of red trim...with any luck it'll all come together and the sunshine will hold for a while. I want to stain the back deck grey as well, but that may have to wait for spring after I pressure wash it...we'll see just how I'm feeling about that when I get to it. I might be done painting at that point and wait for spring :) Thing is, I just need 3 or 4 solid days of painting and it'll all be done.
Here's crossing my fingers for sunshine...


the Bag Lady said…
It's supposed to be 31C here for the next 3 days. Maybe that will be coming your way by next weekend.

Of course, that makes it too hot to do any hard manual outside labour... unless beer drinking is considered hard labour....

(to be honest, 31C is too hot for drinking beer, too! I just lie on the cool floor and sweat. 'Cause the hot flashes don't know that it's already plenty hot enough, thankyouverymuch. Sigh)

Oops, sorry about the whining.
Good luck with your painting!

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