Cha cha changes

Just got back from my brother's house and I am so amused that I had to pop in and post.
My brother likes to get J and I an anniversary gift...he is awesome. Usually they are odd and unique and full of thought.
This year his gift is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.


Turns out I live under a rock and haven't heard of it until now. And here's the cool part - there're ninjas AND zombies in it. I found the original Pride and Prejudice to be dry and far too fluffy to want to ever reread it I definitely do think that some zombie fighting ninja trained sisters added to the tale will make it infinitely better. As I have no particular attachment to the clearly mutilated original novel, I am amused and quite prepared to wade in and give it a read.

Thing is, after a 2 minute skim I am already intrigued - the list of illustrations has image captions like:'"My dear girl" said her ladyship "I suggest you take this contest seriously. My ninjas will show you no mercy"'. Add to that an opening sentence of "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in posession of brains must be in want of more brains".

I will let you know how the zombiefest pans out. I am optimistic :)
I'm off to read with a cuppa.


MaCanuck said…
Lucky you. I want to read that sometime...

grapecat said…
sounds a lot better than the original

now i have bowie on the brain. that wasn't very nice.
Anonymous said…
I always loved the tone of JA's books, as it was so ironic, but the biography I'm reading at the moment gives me more food for thought. It's hard to come to any conclusions when I've not met her personally (!) so I'm being cautious. Not to say P&P isn't a good book. But it's been hyped up so much (and linked so remorselessly with wet shirts and lakes) that I prefer Emma!
Geosomin said…
I'm more of a Jane Eyre girl myself...never could get into JA's stuff...I found them a bit tedious. I'm hoping this will make the book a lot more interesting :)

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