hippo birdy

Had a great birthday and halloween - Wine, nice supper at my favourite restaurant and a movie (The Crow was in the theatre - yes!) ...then over the weekend there was lots of candy and wine and a bonfire with friends...and more family meals: supper with J's family and a brunch out with my best bud on sunday. Rice pudding too. I guess you could say I have successfully eaten my way through another birthday.
And, yes, this one definitely kicked ass in comparison to last years. Hard to believe that last year at this time I met my oncology team on my birthday to decide my treatment options...and a year ago today I'd had my first batch of FEC chemotherapy. Now a year later I'm feeling great and have my hair back about an inch long. 
What a difference a year makes :)

And (yay) I received enough in birthday $$ to apply to adopt a new cat friend which makes me very happy. I  will be sending in my Streetcat Rescue adoption form this week...I'll keep you posted.


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