Stop! Hippy time!

Dooo do doodoooo...

The thing about some of my friends being hippies is that while they are great and calm and zen about most things it is bloody impossible to plan events with them, particularly around the holidays. Case in point: I was told the major setup for our party would be on a certain day, which has since switched, so I have to try and replan holiday stuff with my brother. I don't have a yearning to spend lots of time with them, but one evening helping them make ebelskeivers and playing games was something I was really looking forward to. Even if J can't come it may happen anyways, hippies be damned...I mean my sis-in-law just had major surgery I am not breezing in, stuffing my face with pancakes and leaving right away like some self important jerk. I want to at least hang out with my brother for a few hours and maybe play some Catan with a glass or 2 of wine...doesn't seem like too much to ask. It's a challenge to get J over there and put up with my sis-in-law, so the wine helps :)


All I want for Christmas is to hang out in my house with some rum and nog and not have to do anything or be anywhere. I am hoping the week after christmas will be less insane, but I am not sure. J doesn't have that week off and has to plan a new year's special. I have time off. We shall see...there may be sabotage required to get myself the break I crave...


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