Wednesday, August 25, 2010

squeak squeak

There have been a lot of forest fires out in B.C. lately and the smoke actually drifted all the way out here on the weekend so my allergies went nutso...almost foggy with all the smoke. Quite bizarre. It made me have quite the squeaky voice and all that. I sounded like a combination of Tom Waits and Micky Mouse. It was rather first.
Unfortunately for me it's turned into a full out headcold as of monday night and even tho I stayed home yesterday to sleep all day I still feel bleh. So I'm in to do what's needed at work and then I'm off home for more sleep and tea. I can tell I'm tired and overmedicated still because I noticed that I just sent out a memo discussing issues that have been "pooping" up on the image server...yeah, thanks spell check. Oh well...someone will get a bit of a giggle at my expense...I'm too stuffed up and medicated up to mind much at the moment...and seeing as the issues to deal with are rather sh*tty, well it's somewhat appropriate.
Yeah. That's it.

Talk amongst yourselves...


Peter T Chattaway said...

The smoke from BC drifted into Saskatchewan? Yikes! And I've got to drive to Edmonton in a week and a half to attend my sister's wedding...

grapecat said...

ah sugar that sucks.
if it makes you feel better on my first day at sony i accidentally invited everyone in the entire building to my first project meeting - my email actually crashed under the impact and for weeks when i met people they would say, "oh, YOU'RE grapecat". tres humiliating.
at least yours was funny :)

the Bag Lady said...

Apparently, the smoke eventually reached northern Ontario! It was bad here for several days, but the rain has helped clear it away.
Hope you feel better now.