Friday, July 30, 2010

Grubbiness: the 8th deadly sin?

The girly post is brought to you by the letters s and the number 42...

Part of what I like in my job is that because I work in a laboratory with all manner of things that may stain me or infect me, I can wear very casual things to work. Sure, no open toe shoes or shorts or even mid calf hobbit pants or skirts, but I can wear jeans and t-shirts, only having to snazz up a bit for the odd departmental meeting where I'm forced to speak in front of the doctors. Usually I'm covered in a lab coat, and if I wear nicer things they inevitably get ruined, so I don't make a habit of it. For shoes I wear comfy expensive running shoes, my one concession, because I stand all day and work in 4 labs in 2 different buildings so I do a lot of stairs and my feet thank me for it. Heels and uncomfortable shoes would be agony. As a result, after having lost weight and not really replaced my clothes afterwards, I don't have many nice things. I tend to spend $$ on entertainment, food or music before me. And usually I'm OK with it.
I only lament this rarely when I want to look more girly or dressy. It doesn't happen often, but I have occasional fits of girlishness (I'm in the midst of one right now) where I want to look pretty and take the time to look very nice...and much to my annoyance I find that other than a few outfits suitable for say a church service or wedding, I've got NOTHING to wear. I kid you not- I'm not being melodramatic female here - my husband has more shoes and nice clothes for his job than I do. Lots more. He's the opposite - when we go camping he doesn't really have anything to dress *down* in and often will wear khakis and a nice shirt camping, while I'm in shorts or a t-shirt. He doesn't mind though, as I don't think he'd wear a pear of jeans or sandals now unless I paid him - he was raised british and in the end he just likes dressing that way. It makes him feel more confident. I don't think he's worn jeans since we dated. I like it too...he always looks nice :). And comparatively, I end up looking a bit scruffy on his arm.

In an attempt to remedy my grubbiness, I'm trying to put together nicer things and it's been a challenge. I've started feeling as though I'm not being taken seriously because of how I look at work, and I think if I put a bit more effort into things, over the next few months I could really evolve here from a slob into a rather swanky goddess of charm. I'll never be posh or super high style (you can't wash out the tomboy that easily), but I am in the mood to get in touch with my feminine side and see what comes up. I think what brought this on is our upcoming anniversary. In preparation for our trip, I'd like to actually dress a bit up and not wander in running shoes and ratty jeans.
I've found a nice pear of Clarks Unstructured mary jane style black walking shoes which fit like a glove and are incredibly comfortable...I don't even have to break them in and they look better than a pair of white and pink trainers. I've also picked up a nice sundress to wear on holiday (here's hoping for some sun!), and found a few things in the closet that are a step up from slightly too big t-shirts and old jeans. I do have a few new pairs of jeans that fit and are remotely in style (just have to get around to hemming them), and I think, as long as the weather isn't too warm, I may not look completely scruffy. I'm not going too crazy or girly here, here...just trying to rise above what's become the norm around here. I feel more confident at work this way.

We shall see. Tomorrow this may be all out the window.
But for now, I've got AWESOME shoes :)


Captain Chlorophyll said...

he was raised british
Why do I expect to hear, " it's not his fault," after that?

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

the Bag Lady said...

And where are you going on your trip? (Inquiring minds want to know.)

I have the same problem with clothes - I wear mostly jeans and T-shirts both at home and at work, so may need to do some shopping for our upcoming vacation, too!

Pacian said...

Dress code at my workplace is casual, unless we have clients visiting, when we pretend we wear smart clothes all the time.

Anonymous said...

I never bothered about dress codes. :-) If there were any, I didn't really know what they were. But I suppose you never knew if I was going to come in dressed up to the nines, or looking like I didn't care about anybody or what they thought.