Sunday, July 11, 2010

Behind hedge #1

Today, having a whole day at home alone I took the time to attack our yard which has gotten quite jungle like of late, what with all the summer of rain and me being terribly busy (and not wanting to do anything about it!). So there was trimming of trees and hedges and mowing of grass and whippersnipping of stuff. After 4 hours the yard looks much better. It still needs work but it's not quite so comical.
I had to trim the front hedge because it was getting rediculous looking. I don't have a hedge trimmer and didn't think to borrow one, so I trimmed the hedge in the front with my hand trimmers...took AGES but it was a lovely day out, and I'm glad I did, because when I trimmed I heard some tiny little noises and lo and behold I came across this just under the surface of the hedge:

How cute is that?
I was wearing gloves most of the time and hope I did not leave much scent near them or trim too close to them. Hopefully mommabird doesn't mind me trimming the hedge and will not neglect her little ones on my account. By the time I noticed them I'd been around there for a while so there was no point in stopping or leaving a bulbous hedge section to leave them alone. They're beautiful - their eyes aren't even open yet. I've never seen a baby bird so close...I'm trying to guess what kind of bird it is. We have sparrows and robins and chickadees in the area so it could be any of those. There was a very vocal chickadee peeping at me for part of my hedge trimming time...perhaps that is what it is. Anyone have any clues?

Ah, Sometimes life gives you little doses of great cuteness.
Now I plan on having a little dose of Stella and perhaps grill some eggplant and some taters.
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Aww! What a find! We have birds who nest in our hedge, maybe we have similar scenes taking place in there. We have blackbirds definitely, but probably other birds as well. There's a robin that helps Mum when she's weeding!

Corey said...

Awesome. We had a baby bird (pre-teen)end up in our backyard last week also. It was treading water in the pond, so obviously we scooped it out and dried it off. We were all ready to adopt it, but momma bird came back to feed it on the ground. The two of them ended up hopping away together in to the next yard. They grow up so fast.

the Bag Lady said...

That video is incredible! I'm not sure what kind of birds they are, but I hope you keep an eye on things and perhaps you'll see the momma and be able to update us on what they are (and whether she is still feeding them.....)

Captain Chlorophyll said...

They look kind of like robins to me, but I'm no ornithologist. I was too busy trying to guess what species of hedge you have. (Is it a Ligustrum/Privet?)

Rimshot said...

I seem to vaguely recall that the 'human scent' thing is mostly a myth.

Leslie said...

I hope the mama bird comes back!