Oh willpower, we hardly knew ye

The thing about being sick for well nigh all of March was that my entire lovely exercise regime that had me in rather good physical condition was totally destroyed. I'm not hopelessly jiggly or anything, but you'd think I'd never exercised before the way I wheesed this morning. It's not encouraging to realise that I've put on a few pounds and my muscle tone is out the window but what actually bothers me is that I don't have the energy and positivity I did then. I'm declaring to the world that I'm aware of it and I'm on it. I feel like I'm starting all over again as the excercise is like a chore again. It will be no fun for a few weeks until I'm back in a bit better shape to enjoy it. And I DO enjoy it...well I did!

Soon (when the winter gods finally die and let me have warmth - take the hint you snowy b*stards) I can walk outside in the mornings...and bike to work. It's my goal to be jogging this summer by August and I need to be in relatively good shape to even consider that, as my asthma does not allow for me to just push myself like regular people do...as I do like breathing, so I have to ease myself up or I just sort of, well, almost stop breathing altogether. It will take a long time to ease up into jogging from standing completely still so I have some work to do...

Yup...*sigh*. No more scones with ice cream, cinnamon buns (made fresh yesterday..so good), tonnes of cheese and fried food. J and I went out Vietnamese food last night. I must no dive back into being healthier and fit.

Oh willpower - I needs ya...for I am a lazy lump of a woman right now.


Sheila West said…
Just a few weeks of it being hard. Then it'll be a breeze. At least the weather is nice.

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