Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Data mining

Well I spent most of the weekend doing analysis on my data that shows me not much at all (*sigh*) which while good for discussion feels like one ginormous waste of my time...but in the end I have worked out a way to make it say something for real, oh yes indeedy, so tonight is try and do all of it at once so I can still have a summary to my supervisor by friday. My *other* supervisor, has finally made contact which is why I now know what to do with my data. Wish she'd been around sooner. She could have saved me a lot of headache.
There just isn't enough time in the day.

On the other hand - day 1 of my new job went swimmingly. I have a new laptop to play with...and much to do. It's nice to be busy at work.

Now that I'm home...not so much.
I have made butter chicken and after nomming it, I will set my mind on data crunching...and I *will* finish it tonight, come hell or high water.

Here she goes.
Curry and coffee to the rescue!!


Anonymous said...

Yeaaaaaah new job!!!

the Bag Lady said...

Kristi stole my comment.